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Enterprise-wide Visibility and Control

AXIOM ERP is designed to integrate and streamline the entire business around a common base of information. It gives management the visibility and control of operations that is needed to effectively compete in today’s challenging environment. AXIOM provides the tools and information to:

Ensure Consistent High Quality

Integrated quality tracking and control capabilities ensure that products are produced according to customer specifications while maintaining complete product traceability and process history, including in-process test results.

Detailed product definitions reflect the way products are really made by integrating the production process, primary and alternate materials, quality specifications, and attributes and characteristics of each product. Material application by lot and tag # ensures the proper use of material at every stage of production. Automatic generation of certification/conformance documents, the ability to match customer requirements to product specifications, and many other quality management features dramatically reduce the effort required by factory and office personnel.

Respond Quickly and Effectively to Customer Needs

AXIOM's sales, production management, and customer service capabilities enable you to be highly responsive to your customers.

Features such as order promising, workflow-driven quotation development, and attribute-based product lookups help you win more orders by quickly addressing customer questions and requirements. A comprehensive product and process definition capability speeds collaborative development of custom products. Advanced scheduling and production management capabilities reduce lead times. Real-time order status, full claims/RMA management, and optional web-based customer access to selected information enable you to provide the service your most demanding customers expect.

Control Costs

AXIOM integrates financial management into every aspect of operations. Based on a detail-costed product and process definition and variance analysis using either standard or actual costs, AXIOM cost management provides full visibility of exactly where product costs are and the opportunities for reducing them. Order margin analysis helps identify the products and customers that are the most profitable.

Integrated multi-company, multi-currency Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger applications provide financial managers with the tools they need to control both costs and cash flow. A wide range of operational capabilities such as returnable reel tracking, commodity pricing, auto freight calculations, rapid invoicing, and many others help functional managers in every department streamline their business processes to further reduce costs throughout the enterprise.

Optimize Use of Capital Assets

One of the most powerful aspects of AXIOM is its production scheduling capabilities. Attribute-based scheduling increases throughout while minimizing set-up and scrap. Automatic job/lineup scheduling based on product and process characteristics optimizes capacity utilization while saving significant time and effort. Group Technology scheduling capabilities help production schedulers select the best resources for any given job. Efficiency and utilization reporting gives managers clear visibility of how well assets are being used.

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