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Leveraging Information and Technology

Think of AXIOM ERP as your most valuable machine. It helps accelerate and automate every aspect of your business. It provides an infrastructure of cross-functional capabilities to:

Help Sales, Finance, and Production Work as One

AXIOM helps break down departmental barriers by operating as a single integrated system on a single consolidated base of information. It completely eliminates the need for entering information twice or figuring out which version is “the truth”. Customer orders are immediately visible to production schedulers, real-time order status is always available to customer service personnel, changes in material requirements are quickly highlighted for purchasing, and financial information is a direct and accurate reflection of actual operations.

Improve Productivity Throughout the Business

AXIOM helps streamline business processes and reduce both the time and effort to get things done in virtually every department of the company. It automates many repetitive and calculation-intensive tasks people may be doing today either manually or with non-integrated PC-based tools such as spreadsheets. It integrates seamlessly with plant automation and data collection systems to minimize data entry. And AXIOM makes it far easier to get new employees productive by providing a clear framework of information and procedures for performing their jobs.

Make Information Your Most Valuable Asset

AXIOM can make information one of your most powerful competitive advantages. It provides people across every function with ready access to the information they need to make better day-to-day decisions and better serve customers. At the same time, it positions you to act faster when new opportunities arise and to respond quicker when market conditions change. Just as a new machine can increase the production capacity of your plant, the information provided by AXIOM can increase the business capacity of your entire organization. One of the benefits most often stated by AXIOM users is that they have been able to manage significant increases in sales without significant increases in staff.

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